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Prenatal, Birth Doula
& Ceremonial Services

Since I was young, I've had a calling to hold sacred space for others through the ebbs and flows of life, to create ritual and to provide unconditional support and care.

I am especially passionate about providing support through transitional periods in life, and birth is most definitely that - A profound energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical rite of passage.

As well as a Birth Doula, I am a Women's Circle Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga teacher, all of which I weave into birthwork.

For quite some time, I have been practicing the art of holding space for women to come as they are: sharing their pains, joys, pleasures, and fears, both in group circle and in private session.

Late 2023, I completed my Birth Doula training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth.

An Orgasmic Birth is defined as one including "feelings of love, joy, ecstasy, release, power, bliss, or waves of expansion."

I aim to assist clients who desire a birth experience that contains such feelings during this transformational portal with support, nourishment, and comfort.

DONA is the world’s first, largest and leading doula certifying organization, of which I am mid-process in being certified with.

Part of this process is supporting my first three births.

Because of this, my Birth Doula package rates reflect a discount during this limited time - through 2024.

See more on my offerings below.

To read more about me click here.

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"If a woman doesn't look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn't treating her right."

-Ina May Gaskin, legendary midwife

Prenatal Reiki + Yoga Services

As a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy worker, I can provide Prenatal Reiki sessions oriented towards preparing for your birth, clearing fears, and setting your intention for your birth, your child, or as a parent. Sessions can be done side lying or sitting if necessary. These can be booked directly through my booking page under my standard Reiki offering.

You can also inquire via email to request a home session, or to book a discounted studio package of 3 sessions for $244.

As a Yoga practitioner, I also offer private gentle Prenatal Yoga with Reiki which includes everything listed in Reiki description above, plus restorative, relaxing yoga poses focused on opening hip flexors, promoting movement for ideal positioning of baby, and physically, spiritually, and emotionally preparing for birth. This can include the use of a birthing ball. Sessions are held on a padded gym mat with props and blankets without prolonged back lying.

You can inquire via email to request a studio ($150) or home session, or to book a studio package of 3 sessions for $400.

Both services can include the use of affirmations and visualizations - let me know if this is of interest to you.

Check out my Healing Arts Sanctuary in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Birth Doula Care Package ~ $1000


  • Birth plan and postpartum plan creation

  • Providing holistic evidence-based information

  • 1st prenatal visit here (check out the studio) or in your home (within 1 hour radius)

  • 2nd prenatal visit in-person or virtually

  • Text messaging support from 37 weeks until birth

  • On call from 37 weeks for birth, for home births or in medical facilities

  • Offering continuous warmth, strength, and presence with emotional and physical support during labor, using comfort measures of your choice such as gentle touch, reiki, affirmations, visualizations, movement, birth ball, rebozo, counter pressure, water, sound healing and more

  • Includes birthing ball

  • Support for the birthing partner if applicable

  • Photo or video of birth if desired

  • Birth altar creation if desired

  • 1-in-home postpartum visit within two weeks after birth

  • Access to my curated local prenatal and postpartum resource list

  • Option to add-on additional in-person or virtual sessions

To begin registration for this package, fill out this intake form or book a free consultation call

Payments can be made in full or 50% at time of booking, 50% at time of last prenatal visit. For more information on payment see methods of contact above.

Combination Prenatal Yoga & Reiki + Birth Doula Care packages below.

Prenatal Reiki-only sessions are ala carte/add-on (read more above).

I also offer Mother Blessing Ceremonies.

Yoga/Reiki Birth Doula Care Package

Birth Doula + 1 Prenatal Yoga & Reiki Session $1125*

Birth Doula + 3 Prenatal Yoga & Reiki Sessions $1400*

* Includes everything in Birth Doula Care Package above plus your session(s). Read description for Prenatal Yoga & Reiki here. These sessions will either be done in our studio, or extra travel fee applies for your home.

To begin registration for these packages, fill out this intake form or book a free consultation call

Prenatal Reiki (only) sessions can be booked ala carte individually here under my standard Reiki offering.

Mother Blessing Ceremony {Prenatal}

A mother blessing is a ceremonial experience designed to nurture, nourish, and care for the mother-to-be or to-be-again, to empower her for her sacred journey of birthing and motherhood.

The Mother Blessing ritual is inspired by the traditional Dine Navajo ritual of a Blessing Way, which was utilized for the purpose of honoring transitions in First Nation culture, including motherhood. We offer homage to the traditional roots of this ritual, and in respect of the culture, use the term Mother Blessing. 

Birth is a profound energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical rite of passage. This ceremony honors that fact, acting as a threshold or doorway to provide guidance and feelings of support in going from one side to another.

Each Mother Blessing ceremony is co-created to be a unique blend of your desires. Typically done in an intimate group setting surrounded by the closest women in your life, you may invite anyone you wish to be involved in this experience, or no one at all (this ritual can be curated as a private 1 on 1 session if requested).

Mother Blessings can include options such as:

  • Altar creation

  • Circle Holding facilitated by Samantha (introductions, intention setting, meditation, conversation prompts, creative workshops)

  • Salt and Flower Foot Soak/Blessing

  • Elective sharing of stories, readings, or prayers from your guest circle, including birth stories which can be affirming and heartwarming to hear.

  • Releasing fears

  • Pampering mother: touch, belly painting, hair braiding, etc.

  • Circle Cord Binding

  • Crystal Ceremony

  • Sound through chanting, music, or other vibrational instruments

  • Hands-on Blessing or Belly Blessing from guests

  • Power Candles

  • Crafting: Herbal tea blends, affirmation painting, etc.

  • Snacks, food, or cake (either you provide, or request a potluck)

  • Guests may or may not bring gifts

  • Your own ideas, please share!

  • Samantha may be able to offer some photography but not for the entire duration of the event (as she will also be curating it)

*More information on what these options entail can be discussed after initial inquiry or consultation*

The intention for this day is to provide the mother-to-be with uplifting and healing energy, feeling held, loved and supported for labor, birth, and releasing and receiving what is necessary to have a smoother transition to the next step of motherhood (whether it's your first or of many).


Typically ranges $250-600 but depends on group size (individual 1:1 ceremony, up to 10 guests), length of time (2-4 hours), services desired, location (can be hosted at our on-site studio in Hopewell Junction, NY), travel fee to your home or other venue, use of any of my furnishings, props, decor, or materials, or extra event coordinating services (such as food ordering, assistance with invite creation, party errands, decorating, etc).

Inquire via email for your estimate or book a complimentary consultation call.

Prenatal Reiki & Yoga Services
Mother Blessing Ceremony
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