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Moss and Moonlight 

Healing and Yoga
with Samantha


Moss and Moonlight's mission is to help bring your life into energetic alignment with your most authentic self: your integrated wholeness, grounded, embodied shadow and light, & powerful self actualization.

This is done by breaking the limitations you think you have, and by healing and transmuting the past so that you may unapologetically show up in the world the way you are meant to.

Samantha is a highly intuitive healer who has always been very in tune with the energy of Moss (Earth) and Moonlight (the Moon). She channels these energies in her practice and this enables her to be a conduit for energetic shifts.

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        The Earth is a sacred land that provides us with exactly what we need to live. By honoring, respecting, and learning about Nature, we are honoring, respecting, and learning about our Selves. The Earth is constantly providing and transmuting Life Force Energy. Mother Earth knows innately how to heal itself. We are a part of Nature, and we, too, have the capability to heal ourselves.

         By grounding and connecting with the Earth we are connecting to this nurturing and sacred healing power.


       The Moon is a bridge between the light of the sun and the total darkness of night, offering us a gentle light to guide our path. The phases of the Moon dictate the tides of waters, the seasons, and the structure of our days. The Moon represents cycles, eternity, and our Shadow or Unconscious - our hidden emotions, desires, fears, worries, intuition, and our dreams. It also represents the things we feel but don’t see (Spirituality).

The three phases of the Moon are referred to as the Triple Goddess, a symbol of the Divine Feminine: Creation (Birth), Death, Reincarnation - Maiden, Mother, Crone - Seed, Flower, Compost.
    The Moon corresponds to our human ability to feel, tap into our intuition, learn from the past, and express our essence. Its power is fluidity, creativity, wisdom, and change. By tapping into the energies of the Moon, we can come to know our Selves.

       In knowing our Self, we can transmute, transform, heal – and have the power to consciously create our life.



Meet Samantha

Spiritual Counselor & Reiki Practitioner

Emotional & Energetic Alchemist

Yoga Teacher

Women's Circle Facilitator

When I was a baby, I was told complete strangers would often look into my eyes and say “She’s a wise old soul.” Even at a young age, people have been drawn to me for guidance and love, particularly through difficult times.

My childhood was the foundation for my experience as a healer.

I faced the struggle of being a highly physical empath in a toxic outer world. I grew up in a town where narcissism was the latest fashion. I witnessed and experienced betrayal, abuse, loss, and the effects of addiction by the age of six.

I did my best to remain a “good girl” by withholding my emotions and not causing any problems. All of this trauma, along with contracting Lyme disease, culminated into having chronic pain - labeled as Fibromyalgia - by the age of ten. At my worst, I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs and had to be homeschooled due to the severity of my body pain.

Little did I know that the sudden loss of my father at the age of fifteen would shake me to my core, wake me up, and spark a spiritual awakening that would change my entire life.

This propelled my process of Shadow Work, which I didn’t even know the name for at the time. My healing began by uncovering and releasing the dark hold of deeply rooted patterns including fear, grief, guilt, and shame from my personal past as well as my ancestral past.
I believe it was a part of my purpose to experience tough circumstances and lessons in life, to learn to deeply heal myself and in turn, be able to help others and hold space with love, understanding and compassion.

In addition to receiving traditional therapy, when I found the world of Yoga and Reiki, my life completely transformed.

I learned about the Body/Mind/Spirit connection, and found immense healing through self expression and physical movement. In college I was employed at a crystal shop, and at that time, I immersed myself in studying the metaphysical uses of minerals through crystal therapy.


Over time, I began to name and recognize my power. By using the boundaries and spiritual tools I needed, I began to grow and thrive.

My hobbies include experimenting with various creative outlets, gardening, hiking, exploring, and collecting books and unique crystals and specimens. I love learning about ancestral wisdom, sacred sexuality, and the healing power of plants and stones. Another passion of mine is bringing magic to the world.  This led to the birth of a shop my partner and I co-created where we make and sell magical items, Etheric Eye.

Creativity, expression, movement, learning, and connection to nature are of the upmost importance to me, all of which I incorporate into my practice.

I channel loving and healing energy, allowing you to be seen, safe and never judged.

By working together to explore the root causes of limiting beliefs and patterns, we shine light on and integrate the shadow to embody your wholeness, and release negativity and energy blocks within the body.

As a Reiki Practitioner, I am able to channel healing energy, combined with my knowledge of crystal healing, my empathic abilities, and experience from my own journey and experience as a Yoga Instructor to help others on their journey.

I am passionate about creating a sacred space combining spirituality, softness, strength, wisdom, and loving acceptance. From this space, we tap into our innate healing power and I help individuals to transform into a version of themselves that embodies their highest truth. I help you alchemize your shadow to unfold into and embody your wholeness.



1:1 Sessions

  • Virtual Reiki and Energy Healing

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching and Guidance

  • Distance Reiki for Animals and Items

  • Message-based Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

  • Energy Healing Session Including a Customized, Hand-carved Crystal Wand

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  • Antiques, Crystals, Altar Tools, Spiritual Decor

  • Handmade Goods like Wreaths and  Wands

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  • Certified Reiki Master, Practitioner of the Usui Lineage

  • 200-hour Register Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance

  • Studies In: Meditation, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Holistic and Mental Health, Spiritual Coaching, Energy Systems, Inner Child + Somatic Healing, Chakra Healing

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Moss and Moonlight

Healing and Yoga




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