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Rooted Ritual

An In-Depth, Customized and Private Ceremony & Energy Work Experience


Since ceremonies are uniquely and individually curated, they range in offerings, cost, and length of time (2-5 hours).

Honor Thyself: Intentional focus on 1-3 practices $200-300

Deep Dive: Longer duration with more practices included $350-$450

Fully Held: Full day and/or including a variety of practices. $500+

Curated, intentional and transformative sacred space...

Just for you.

The intention of a Rooted Ritual is to provide a transformative, nourishing, sacred, and healing experience.

Begin by choosing the nature of the ceremony you seek, such as: rite of passage, healing, self-worship, creativity~expression, womb wisdom, or nurturance.

Allow yourself to come as you are, and together we will hold space for your pains, joys, pleasures, and fears, while offering yourself a deep renewal of energy.

Though the practices included in each ceremony varies, each Rooted Ritual includes energy work.

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Reiki and Intuitive 

Reiki/Intuitive Energy work can assist with releasing emotions, feeling more embodied, and increasing a sense of wholeness and empowerment to create better pathways for desired energy to flow into your life. This is a holistic (mind-body-soul) practice of self-care, self-reflection, and connection.


As your guide through a restorative journey, combined with gentle and caring touch, I provide nourishment and insight on your path.


Using vibrational instruments like chimes, bowls, shakers, and drum, ethereal sounds work to reset the nervous system.


Sound healing instruments often bring recipients to a meditative realm, leaving them with a sense of rejuvenation and restoration.



Love for your Senses


If you choose, we can include delightful snacks and altar adornments into your ceremony. Between the deeper practices, we can take a moment to enjoy tea and a treat of your desires.

Often chosen, dark chocolate is spiritually known to open the heart, releases endorphins, and assists with grounding back to your center.

Include your favorite fruit, flowers, scents, and colors into your sacred ritual to add an element of self love, worship, and nourishment.


A "7 point spiritual closing" is derived from traditions of South America. Using handmade scarves called rebozos, the wrapping of scarves is a nurturing process, typically honoring a rite of passage, and offers a sense of feeling held, grounded, and coming back into ourselves and our bodies.


We can incorporate restorative yoga postures to encourage feelings of comfort, grounding, and releasing physical tension.


A focus on the womb can offer a chance to deepen your relationship to your sacred inner feminine, more deeply understanding yourself and your cycles.


For Prenatal Ceremonies and Blessings, as well as Postpartum Rituals click here


More options yet ~ oracle cards, vocal toning, guided meditation, writing, dancing, drawing, foot soaks, and body paint


Want to discuss before booking?

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