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I was blessed with the opportunity of participating in a reiki session with Samantha… words cannot begin to describe the experience. I scheduled my visit with her for a number of different reasons, but I left there with one feeling. That feeling was “appreciative”. I walked in thinking that I knew what I needed to work on and what energy needed to be moved or cleared, I walked out with the realization that there was more work that I needed to do and that I had someone to help me do it. Samantha’s space is as warm and inviting as she is as a person. I felt free and comfortable sharing everything that was going on, with no feelings of judgment but like I was heard and comforted. I have done reiki before, but my prior experience was not like this. With her hands on or her hands off, her presence was felt, and my energy appreciated hers. I have felt lighter ever since and immediately booked another session and have all intention of participating in her groups. I have since recommended her to a friend and I strongly recommend her to all who are open and more deeply committed to their healing. I wish you blessings on your journey and believe that Samantha can play a pivotal part.


"I don't even know where to begin. From beginning to end, my healing Reiki session with Sam was an incredibly, calming, welcoming experience. As a healer, it was so lovely to experience a healing session. She was very informative and professional about the process, as this was virtual, and how she was transmitting her energy to me through the phone. I had a beautiful, out of body experience that was incredibly healing and that pushed me even further into my spiritual journey. She sensed a blockage in my sacral chakra that I was struggling to clear myself and was able to assist me in that and my creativity has burst back again! I am so incredibly grateful for Sam's healing abilities and communication prior, during, and after. I will definitely be seeking assistance from her again in the future since healing is a forever thing. What are you waiting for??"


"Having had no prior experience in energy work or energy healing I went into this with no preconceived notions or expectations. My experience with Samantha can be described as nothing less than a serendipitous catharsis. My impression was confirmed after sharing my experience with several people close to me who have had other similar engagements with other energy practitioners, to find that none seemed to have ever had a comparable experience. I engaged in a 3+ hour custom curated ritual consisting of breath work, guided meditation, reiki therapy, journaling and conversation. Samantha is a truly gifted soul. After my session, I plan to return for ongoing sessions on my continuum of spiritual growth." 


"I had an incredibly empowering reiki healing session with Sam. She has a very warm and calming presence and is an overall gentle, loving and kind human being. I have been in touch with her after the session for her guidance and insight. She has had a tremendous influence on my healing journey. I highly recommend her services!!!"


"I found Moss and Moonlight online and had an immediate feeling that this was the place I needed to be. If you are holding onto any sort of pain or trauma, Samantha is the real deal. I left feeling so relaxed and excited for the work ahead. I cannot wait to continue this journey with her. Filled with hope and gratitude. Thank you Samantha!"


"Samantha is very understanding and takes her time to make sure that you are comfortable. This was my first Reiki session and Samantha was very supportive and easy to talk to. I found the experience to be very helpful when it came to clearing my mind and most importantly, giving myself grace and compassion during this journey of healing. The Moss and Moonlight Sanctuary was a beautiful space (clean, bright, inviting, and peaceful). I would highly recommend this place and look forward to returning."


"I absolutely loved my reiki session with Samantha!! It was my first ever session so I didn’t know what to expect but it was such a lovely experience. It was so calming and I was surprised by how relaxed I felt during and afterwards. And after the reiki healing Sam gave me a detailed analysis of my chakras. Overall I had a great experience and 10/10 would see her again."


"This experience far exceeded my expectations! I've never done virtual reiki before, and was a little nervous about if/how it would work, but it was AMAZING! My energy was so clean afterward and I felt like I could breathe again. Sam is a master! She also pulled some cards for me, which was incredible from a self-help perspective. I cannot recommend Sam enough - she just exudes pure, light energy!"


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