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Etheric Eye

Mission and Vision

As well as Moss and Moonlight Healing, Samantha also runs a metaphysical shop along with her partner, Connor. Together they are a pair of creative magicians with the intention of filling the world with mystic wonder.

Etheric Eye is a part of their life’s mission to assist people on their spiritual journeys. They provide tools for healing, transformation, and for living in alignment with your most authentic self.


With the knowledge that we are each the creators of our reality as our foundation, we curate and create tools and wares to assist you with alchemizing your own life.

We stock our shop with mysterious hand picked items such as crystals and antique treasures, as well as handmade goods like wreaths and hand-whittled wands.  Our intention is for these magical items to assist you with shaping the life of your dreams, by cultivating a mystical and unique atmosphere for your space.
We believe there’s more to this world than what meets the eyes. We strive to instill others' lives with magic and to open their Inner Eye.

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