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Birth of Venus

The Goddess Academy

Virtual & In Person Embodiment Workshops

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Earth Mother Archetype

Goddesses: Gaia & Rhea

This is Earth Mother.
She is both incredibly soft & immensely strong.
She is a symbol of healing, nurturing, & love.
Her presence offers grounding, nourishment, and support.
She is an extension of Nature itself.

Experience a sacred Sister Circle containing:
Sharing via Guided Discussion, Ritual, Embodiment Practices, & Activities for activating this archetype within yourself.
Lesson on the history of this archetype as well as working with Goddesses Gaia and Rhea who are idols of this energy.

The Lover Archetype

Goddesses: Aphrodite & Hedone

This is The Lover.
She is all about embracing intimacy, sensuality, and flow.
She teaches us the healing power of pleasure, and autonomy over our bodies.

The Huntress - Wild Woman Archetype

Goddesses: Artemis & Fauna

This is The Huntress.

She represents self sufficiency.

She is the embodiment of will power.

She doesn't ask - she takes what she needs.

She teaches us independence.


This is The Wild Woman.

She represents our primal nature.

She is the embodiment of pure emotion and instinct.

She teaches us to let go of others' perceptions.

The Warrior Priestess Archetype

Goddesses: Brigid & Athena

This is The Warrior Priestess.

She protects those in need or those without voices.

On her mission to do what's right, she stands fear in the face and fights.

She teaches us bravery.

The Queen Archetype

Goddesses: Hera & Frigg

This is The Queen.

She isn't afraid to be seen or to use her power.

She accepts her flaws and emanates her presence.

She teaches us self love.

The Sage - Mystic Archetype

Goddesses: Cerridwen & Isis

This is The Sage.

She is the crone, philosopher, the wise medicine woman.

She has gained her wisdom through study and a deep connection to her intuition through life experience.

She teaches us that we have all we need inside of us.

The Bad Girl Archetype

Goddesses: Lilith & Ishtar

This is The Bad Girl.

She is often misunderstood, and seen as uncontrollable, misbehaved, and the essence of temptation.

She is the embodiment of chaos.

She doesn't live to please others, and she doesn't need anyone's approval.

She teaches us to have fun, and to accept all parts of ourselves.

The Witch Archetype

Goddesses: Circe & Hecate

This is The Witch.

She has been persecuted for centuries.

She is all of the Archetypes embodied.

Her power intimidates and scares those who have not embraced their own power.

She knows she has the ability to weave fate and create her own reality.

The Explorer Archetype

Goddesses: Paidia & Abeona

This is The Explorer / Maiden.

She represents pure innocence.

She is the explores the world with sheer curiosity.

She is carefree, playful, and in awe of the world.

She teaches us to connect to our Inner Child.

Each workshop is an opportunity to study and invoke a different Archetype + the Goddesses who emulate them.

We will use the wisdom of these lessons, and activation techniques like:
Breathwork, visualization, movement, writing prompts, or group activities to bring us into embodiment.

Each class will only have space for 5-10 women.
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Mentorship Option:
If you are interested in attending *all* workshops, for a discounted price
Optional 25% off 1:1 sessions for the duration of the 9 months.
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Who are these workshops for?

If you...
~ Desire to connect with other likeminded women on their spiritual journeys.
~ Want a safe space to share & be seen by sisters in a small group.
~ Want to embody & embrace all aspects of your being, to explore who you are & come forth in your fullest expression.
~ Are ready to release shame, fear, & self doubt.
~ Are interested in learning about Feminine Archetypes & the lore of Goddesses as methods to connect with your sacred feminine energy.
~ Desire to connect to your sensuality, confidence, & intuition to flow and get what you want with ease.
~ Are ready to live a life in alignment with your purpose and gifts.
~ Want guidance to unleash any untapped potential and power within you & truly embody your presence as the Goddess you are. 🌟

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