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The Moonlight Collective

Be seen and heard in a magical spiritual community.

Who is it for?

A support group for the curious, inquisitive, open minded, and those wishing to emerge into their greatest potential through creativity, ritual, and self inquiry. 

For anyone on a spiritual, healing journey seeking community and gentle encouragement towards inspired living.

Illuminating the shadow within. Shedding light on our dark so it’s not so dark anymore, via collective Shadow Work.

A place to be seen and supported in your perfect imperfection.
Use this virtual circle to share where you’re at emotionally, physically, mentally, & spiritually so that none of us feel so alone. A safe place to experiment with self expression and vulnerability while being provided with tools to empowerment. Give love and get love with likeminded humans.




What's Included?

 24/7 Support Group and Forum

with likeminded and mystical individuals. Share personal insights, epiphanies, struggles, tips, enlightening experiences, your darkness, and your brightest light via Wix App or Facebook group.

Monthly Community Call

Live Monthly video call where we can gather, touch base, and hold space for one another. Based on a community voted-on time and topic, with relevant question prompts to foster deep conversation. Confidential and sacred.

- Access to written Call Recaps/Document handouts.​

Monthly Ritual/Meditation

Either in the form of an instructional recording or a live option + replays to watch anytime.

Soul Prompts

You can do one, all, or none of these prompts. It is entirely up to you.

Examples: personal question, creative activity, lifestyle challenges, short writing

prompts to foster growth and creativity

Ability to add your name to my Reiki Box​

What is a Reiki Box?

I will send occasional Reiki to all in the box throughout the month,

and an extended 1 hour session, 1x per month.

* Community Calls will typically be held on an evening in EST.

* Platform via Wix App & Facebook Groups, your choice or join both.

$11/month. Cancel anytime.

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