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Women Circle Reviews

"This is great. Thank you Sam for facilitating these groups. This is the first women's circle that I've been actively a part of and have actually enjoyed, and felt a deeply held space where we can all just share."

"I love the Women's Circles! I was never the best at sharing my feelings and public speaking in general but I feel like they are making me more open. The yoga and reiki are also wonderful, I feel so relaxed afterwards. Sam is a great guide/healer!!!"


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I have so many positive things to say about Moss and Moonlight Healing! Sam has done an amazing job at cultivating a community to share personal feelings and experiences with. Our once a month get togethers as well as our FB group provide a lot of support. After having experienced one of the Women's Circles, I must admit that I will absolutely be joining another. Having the opportunity to connect with other like minded women was so refreshing. Not to mention the gentle yoga at the end along with the journaling exercise. I left feeling relaxed and more connected to myself. Last, but not least--my experience with Reiki from Sam was something I remember and have felt the effects of. I had never done Reiki before, but Sam made me feel prepared, she explained how it would work and I felt the lasting impacts during and after our session. I can't wait for things to go back to normal so that I can experience Reiki in person! Thank you Sam for all of the services that you offer and for how you bring people together. You truly have been blessed with a gift <3

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